Seabirds and Skyfish

by Langdon Alger

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released June 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Langdon Alger Brooklyn, New York

singles by Brent Wolczynski. check back for new tracks and visit our vimeo for music videos.

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Track Name: Hot Nights I
Hot nights inside, sticky and sweet, just the sheets, would you ever want to move out west with me? Do you like the snowy mountains and cooler streams?
Track Name: Hot Nights II
You said I had nothing to be sorry about, I had everything to be sorry about. I'm boring and do nothing but get drunk and watch The Simpsons, ride my skateboard around town, and listen to Neil Young because I like it. I remember when our skin would stick in certain places, dinner table faking graces, study sciences I know somewhat just so we can kiss a lot, I know this. I know I might lay under the covers, it really makes you wonder if I should stay single forever and ever and ever and eat as much pizza as I want because I like it.
Track Name: This Head
Oh, you. You’re always with those new tans shoes well good for you, you’ve got me now. Oh, me. With my mind in the clouds and my hands on the ground. Your heart makes a sound, it’s something I can hear like your shoes on your feet or the sand in the breeze. Only in this head of mine do you like me like I like you.
Track Name: Whistler
Oh, I've got a crush on you and what oh what am I going to do with this bed on wheels and these dirty sheets and what are you going to do with me? Newly new fresh attitude on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's kind of funny it got so cold so fast and now we're sharing a blanket. Oh, I can't remember but you did explain why your mouth on my ear makes me go insane. There's always something crazy that you swear you'd do, there's always that something about that something about you. I want to hear your song again forever. You got into my bed and I thought you were a book with strange pages (I was really tired). Different words for different snow like ‘Utah’ and ‘California’. I see you in the mountains, I see you, I see you in your flesh canoe.
Track Name: Perfectly Warm
Meeting made snowmen, shaking their hands, stoned off Rice Krispies, I don't know what's with these. My friends are falling down in the snow, I'm yelling ‘do a pizza!’ because it seems like it helps. Staring directly at the sun burns your retinas, I wish I had known that. Spots on my eyes kind of makes the snow pretty. Mouthfuls of snow and I got sensitive teeth. I'm a nervous thing and I know it, got my head in the clouds and it's snowing now. Got some chattering bones, smashing windows in every home, controlled forest fires keep us perfectly warm. Mountains got me shaking something I can't shake. Blinding white everything makes it hard to find the lake. You never finished telling me your unfinished story, I forget what it was about but remember it sounded gory. Sleeping on the couch in my long johns with Jack Russell, kinda getting kinda cold but thank god he likes to cuddle. Mornings on the floor playing with my kaleidoscope makes ugly very pretty, makes serious a joke.
Track Name: Scaring My Friends
Oh, I wanted to explain to you those shooting stars were astronaut stars, swirling into shapes like wood grain when you stare into space. Seabirds! Or maybe skyfish! Like fireworks, but actual stars. Nobody would believe me, no, nobody believe me. But come on, but come on! This sky is insane! I stayed up all night just watching. I swear I'm scaring my friends. I'm scared I'm scaring my friends.
Track Name: Noah's Ark
It's kind of kind of you, like it when your face turns blue, melty chocolate sticky good, Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, wearing suits in summer, underneath the covers, sheets between each other. Reading books all day, start to speak like Hemingway: ‘this is my bed, it's a good bed.’ Breathe in deep clouds into my head. All the time now, got lots of time now. Lying next to you feels good. Skip church, wear a cross, drunk off blood, getting off. Rooftop talking, always got the bible on your tongue, always got my eyes on your mouth. And you're only allowed to read 12 books, love that dark covered up look. Subtracting empty space, our bones locking into places, lifespans of the patriarch, reality of noah's arc. I can speak in tongues too (soft and warm.) Think I really like you (quiet and sweet.) Let's laugh at nothing and pretend it's something really great.
Track Name: Stay In
I miss you dearly but want to leave and forget about you. But I got friends and family and letters addressed to me and a library card. I count the days I should take to call you back and you don’t call me back.
Track Name: It's Alright
I don’t know what I’m worried about, it’s alright. I don’t know why I can’t chill out, it’s all gonna be alright. Roof garden’s closed so we walk and talk. Fruit markets glow. Homeless people holding hands. When we get home we get stoned, play with kaleidoscopes. I don’t know what I’m worried about, it’s all gonna be alright. It’s alright. Coming down from upstate. It’s a picture postcard all the way home, radio on, I left you shift gears, you think it’s fun. We were just kids back then and now it’s all this.
Track Name: Slumberjack
I've been trying hard to stay up late lately and I do. Playful hands and new shoes, I see you saw my eyes on your mouth. I touched you running, it felt good like water and sand. I felt wind blowing, our feet dangled off the dock. Underneath my bed sheets, sitting on these old piano keys, always with these ‘oh my god oh oh oh oh's’ on your knees. So cool: double birthday. I'm touching you and me and you. Extraterrestrial biblical talk, like Jesus was an alien, we like him better that way. I found you swimming and I really liked you that way. You started singing and I thought it sounded okay. What oh what does this mean? I was a slumberjack in my dream last night when you got rug burn I got asthma. Blanket forts can't protect us now.